June 2, 2016

Learn to ‘Build an App’ with MobileArq

A 10 week fall program for High School Students Are you interested in building an App but don’t know how? Do you want to learn and master the App development process, from end-to-end? Would creating your own App be the perfect addition to round out your resume or college application? Then, sign up for ’Build an App’ course with MobileArq, a Summit, NJ-based software company. This course is perfect for students who want to acquire the fundamentals needed to build an app and ensure its widespread usage. The course is offered in Summit, NJ and consists of two part ten-week intensive in-class instructions and six-weeks of online follow up in form of weekly one-hour meetings over WebEx. You will learn and accomplish the following over the duration of the course: Learn how to use the various languages, frameworks and technologies of mobile computing so that you are equipped to build any mobile […]